Ted L Carroll Announces: The Strawberry Ben Spirtual Workbook: Co-Creating Everyday Eternal Living

Carroll’s most recent work, manifested here as, The Strawberry Ben Spiritual Workbook: Co-creating Everyday Eternal Living, offers personal results by inviting interaction with elemental Co-creative factors and basic self-inquiry –A stand alone text and effective growth tool or to be used in parallel application (for individual or group studies) with Carroll’s previously published novel, The Weathering of Strawberry Ben – the main purpose of this book is to aid in the daily practical application of spiritual principles for the purpose of faith development (spiritual growth) and toward peaceful, purposeful existential assuredness.




The Weathering of Strawberry Ben


Ted L Carroll, Author

Jeremy Whittington & K.A. Hensan, Editors



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    Would Strawberry Ben kill himself? "The Weathering of Strawberry Ben" is a journey of bereavement from demonic dependencies to choking desperation and from helpless sadness to despairing soul-thievery. The story also presents one's abrupt awakening to a seemingly strange new life of unconditional love and radical forgiveness.

            The story is morbid. However, the account of Strawberry Ben is also a path of utmost committment to trust and love, the deepest and most worthwhile kind. Ben's story is also that of Tom & Em, the couple whose lives are so undeniably intertwined with the young man's that basic loyalty to family and friends must be reevaluated. The old man Vanilla Rick adds a twist to the story that leaves one ashamedly wanting more. 





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